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Beaches, books, animals, nature, yoga, herbs, traveling, friends, comedy clubs, being inspired and inspiring others. 

Welcome and Thank You

for taking the time to get to know me. 

My life is forever changed from the essential life tools I've learned and integrated over the years. I feel great joy as I get to guide students along their unique transformative and joyful  journeys.


When I first began my journey from surviving to thriving, I felt like a little seedling deep in Earth's soil with the lack of the basic elements to grow and thrive. 



The tools I have acquired and integrated into my life over time have nourished and enriched the soil I lived in and catapulted this seedling through Earth's soil and into the nourishing rays of sunlight of my beautiful joyous and magical life! 

Institute for the Psychology of Eating
 Mind-Body Nutrition Expert
Breathing Space Yoga Wellness
Yoga Wellness Practitioner
Be The Change 
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Opti Mind Neuroscience
Neuroscience Coaching Program
IN PROCESS  /  October 2017
Belly Mind Institute
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
IN PROCESS  /  December 2017
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