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We serve women who want to transform their relationship with alcohol into a healthy and empowering one. We serve women who want to THRIVE, CONNECT to their POWER and become the best versions of themselves. These women are ready, they are conscious, they are curious, they are open-minded and they are committed to connecting and living in their power. Our unique holistic program serves women who are sober curious, the occasional binge drinker (over drinker), and women who feel that they are a little more dependent on alcohol than they'd like to be.



Because I've been there! I too was stuck in the confusing and unhealthy cycle of alcohol dependency. I had been to AA, I had a life coach and I even tried a program designed to help me quit drinking. Even though each program helped me in their own way, I still had a strong and unhealthy desire to consume alcohol. I thought to myself, I refuse to live the rest of my life pining for a drink but not being able to have one, that would be tortuous and it was! I knew that there had to be something that I was missing, I knew that there had to be more than one solution to help me with my drinking dilemma. I had manifested so much good in my life and was confused as to why I had not yet physically manifested a healthier relationship with alcohol that I so desperately yearned for. There had to be a way to be a healthy and empowering way neutralize my unhealthy desire for consuming alcohol. And I was absolutely correct! A dream of mine has always been to help others in profound and impactful ways, hence my background in the healing arts.  My mission is to help other women dissolve and transform their unhealthy desires for alcohol and live extraordinary lives, lives that exceed their wildest dreams. Lives that are filled with PURPOSE and an abundance of pure LOVE,  CONFIDENCE, JOY and FREEDOM!

Rewire Your Desire

is for YOU, if you are...



Conscious women who want to reset and take break from alcohol. Women who are curious about living an alcohol free lifestyle. These women have the occasional over drinking session (drank more than they wanted to), a few brownouts here and there.



Conscious women who tend to binge drink here on occasion, but can go long periods of time without alcohol. These women are happy with their lives, but can't seem to figure out why they can control their drinking sometimes and can't other times. They feel stuck or stagnate and make poor choices during and after a drinking binge. 


Conscious women who feel that the may be habitually consuming alcohol. They tell themselves that they won't drink or over drink , but they give in and do almost every time (empty promises).  These women are confused with their relationship with alcohol.They think about alcohol quite often and feel stuck, hopeless and defeated. They make poor decisions and have brown outs with the occasional blackout. 

Benefits of transforming your relationship with alochol include, but are not limited to: 

  • Looking and Feeling Healthier

  • Saving Money CHA-CHING!

  • Building and Sustaining Meaningful Relationships

  • Fewer Regrets

  • Better Sleep

  • More Energy

  • Better Self-Esteem

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