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Anita Parr | Yoga Wellness Practitioner | Life Coach | Neuroscience
... allows you to be truly seen without judgement, in a compassionate way
that helps to cultivate breakthroughs giving you the opportunity to experience
more joy, more abundance, more freedom, more fulfillment, more confidence, more power.
In other words, 


In these sessions, we will explore your current challenges, questions and basically anything you are ready and wanting to change! 

Overcome obstacles 
Get clarity
Get motivated
Feel empowered
Helps you gain clarity
Create the life of your wildest dreams!

Lindsay K. 

Owner of The Magical Everyday

I am so grateful for Anita entering my life and softly guiding the evolution of my soul! With her consistent encouragement and support, Anita has helped me heal, grow, and transform my life in the most spectacular ways.

Leila F.
Owner of  Leimonique

Seeing Anita has opened a doorway to a more positive way of thinking which has contributed to my spiritual, mental, and physical growth as a person. My relationship of how I view myself has changed, which has allowed my relationships with others...

Kelly Moreau

CART Captioner

Communication Access Realtime Translation

Every time Anita gives me a tool to help me in my journey, I use that tool, and in return I have been able to grow so much in a short time. She has shown me that there are rewards in life when you speak your truth -- I have seen those rewards and it gives me that much more strength to move towards the life I want. 

WHY Neuroscience-based Coaching?
You will gain an understanding of how YOUR brain works.
When you know how YOUR brain works, you are able to make
your brain work for you, rather than working for your brain.

Through this work I will help you to use your brain in smarter and more efficient ways. 

We have more connections in our brain than the universe. 

That means we have a mini universe in our brains! 



... helps you to utilize your brain to

be less reactive and more responsive!


Trading guilt, anger, self-criticism and unhealthy self-limiting judgements for clarity and strength you are able to move through life with confidence, courage and a new found sense of expansive empowerment! 

  • Provides tools for optimal brain efficiency

  • Helps manage emotions

  • Helps manage personal life
    (relationships, self-perception & self-image,creativity, nutrition, exercise)

  • Helps manage professional life
    (peak mental performance, stress, memory & learning, passion & purpose)

  • Learn what happens to the brain when you practice gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, awareness, consciousness and altruism.

  • Helps manage love & relationships

Anita Parr | Yoga Wellness Practitioner | Life Coach | Neuroscience


Louis Dyer

"Minding the mind consists of observing the mind and bringing in the desirable mode that lead us to freedom from our own minds."

A.G. Mohan


Neuroscience ~
Will empower you with the knowledge of what is going on in the brain and nervous system when one drinks alcohol.
This knowledge will empower you to make wise and healthy choices.
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