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1 : Transform your relationship with food.
2 :  Learn how to nourish your body in a whole new way. 
3 :  Gain powerful strategies for a positive body image

4 :  Learn tools that will help you conquer emotional eating habits. 

5 :  Heal the food challenges that keep you ______.

When you think of Nutrition, do you think of ....

SELFLove    SELFCare    SELFKnowledge   

If not, I am so excited to introduce you to... 


Dynamic Eating Psychology is a positive, empowering and
transformational approach that is designed for anyone who eats.
...that means it's for EVERYONE!!
It addresses our individual and unique ever-changing relationship
with food. It sees our challenges with eating, weight and health as
an opportunity to heal and evolve.
It affirms that our relationship with food has important
lessons to teach us, if we choose to listen.
Dynamic Eating Psychology recognizes that our eating habits, weight
and health are intimately connected to all aspects of our lives;
relationships, work, environment, sexuality, life purpose, 
meaning and fulfillment, and so much more.


Mind Body Nutrition provides you with a customized plan that focuses on nutrient balanced foods,  explores beverage replacement options and lifestyle changes that support you in living and thriving in sobriety!
This solution focused program is an opportunity to learn and implement tools that will guide you to the place of pure love, joy abundance and freedom that is awaiting
to awaken within you.
Anita Parr | Yoga Wellness Practitioner | Nutrition | veggies fruit | healthy | diet
Anita Parr | Yoga Wellness Practitioner | Nutrition | veggies fruit | healthy | diet

Mind-Body Nutrition focuses on how the mind has a profound

influence on the body when it comes to how we metabolize a meal.

More specifically, Mind-Body Nutrition looks at the psychophysiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are literally and scientifically impacted by stress, relaxation, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, pleasure, eating rhythm, eating speed, awareness, our personal story, and more...
What we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition.
How we eat and who are as eaters is the other half.
This profound and results-oriented approach reveals how stress physiology,
breathing, awareness, pleasure, meal timing and much more influence digestion, calorie burning and well-being.
Mind Body Nutrition offers effective strategies to address the most
commonly seen eating challenges and health issues of our time.
The bottom line is that you can be eating the healthiest food in the universe,
but if other aspects of your life are out of balance you are out of balance!

Be there for your body, 

and it will be there for you.

- Marc David

I always thought of myself as a healthy person, but of course I still had a few things to work on.  Anita has given me some very helpful insights into my eating habits.  Anita helped me realize that my major issue was "mindless eating".  
Simply by becoming more conscious of what I ate and how I ate made a huge difference in my eating habits.  I am not an overweight person, but I felt like I had been at my "plateau weight" for years and just could not seem to get below that particular weight.  Anita was able to help me discover the importance of the mind-body and food connection.  By making that connection and implementing all of her suggestions, I am so happy to say that I have gone below my "plateau weight"!
But more importantly, I feel so beautiful, confident, and happy.  I am truly grateful for Anita Parr's knowledge, advice, and non-judgmental approach. Thank you Anita!

Heather Hills

Nourished Soul Mind-Body NUTRITION CLIENT

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