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"I am so grateful for Anita entering my life and softly guiding the evolution of my soul!

With her consistent encouragement and support, Anita has helped me heal, grow, and transform my life in the most spectacular ways.


Drawing from her own life experience, inner work and transformation, Anita is able to seamlessly and intuitively weave in a variety of healing modalities and tools that resonate with you and facilitate accelerated personal growth. She creates a warm and inviting environment where clients feel safe to share their innermost feelings and emotions. Anita is compassionate, genuine, and committed to healing and empowering her clients, thus helping to heal and transform the world."

Lindsay Schmitt


Yoga | Coaching | Nutrition
Tapping | Neuroscience | Reiki | Ayurveda

This letter is to thank you for coming into my life just when I thought I had exhausted all of my resources on the subject of weight loss and nutrition.  I had read every book I could get my hands on and tried every "diet" known to mankind, only to end up back where I started.


I have to confess that I had never heard of an Eating Psychology Coach, but I was intrigued and curious about the possibility of something else being out there besides all of the confusing and contradicting nutritional information that I had researched over the past several years.


As soon as we finished our first session, I realized that you were going to change my life.  I eagerly practiced all of the recommendations you made and soon I could see a pattern in my lifestyle which was affecting how I ate, exercised, and thought about health and nutrition. With the encouragement, support, and guidelines you've laid out for me so far, I am able to look at eating and exercise in a completely different way.  I am very excited to continue on this journey under your knowledgeable and professional guidance.


Sincerely yours,

Robin Rae Dietrich

Nourished Soul Mind-Body NUTRITION CLIENT

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